Bette Davis touches up her eyeliner on the set of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962). She created her own makeup for the part, explaining, “What I had in mind no professional makeup man would have dared to put on me… I felt Jane never washed her face, just added another layer of makeup each day.”


Repulsion (1965) dir. by Roman Polanski: It is clear from early on in the film that the lead character, Carol, played brilliantly by an extremely young-looking Catherine Deneuve, is not exactly normal. When her sister leaves her alone in their shared London apartment for a few days, however, the things that scare Carol are the sorts of things that have scared a lot of people spending the night alone, such as hearing (imagined) footsteps in the hallway and the like. Of course, while normal people get a brief fright from such a thing, Carol descends into a madness of hallucinations. The movie is seen almost entirely from her point of view, gives the entire movie a claustrophobic feeling that enhances the impact of Carol’s hallucinations.” (x)

Best Movies of My Childhood - It Takes Two, 1995